DYNOT (short for Dynamic Onlinetool for Guidance) is a European Commission funded Leonardo da Vinci  pilot project initiated and coordinated by the ibw – Institute for Research on Qualifications and Training of the Austrian Economy. The project started in August 2005. Over a two year project period seven international partner institutions from the education and ICT-sectors develop a new dynamic, permanently updated online career guidance tool for ICT-professions. The Dynamic Onlinetool is developed in the languages German, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Lithuanian and Dutch. The target group users of the tool are career guidance counsellors, career guidance teachers and career advisors as well as those who are currently planning their own career. They can apply the tool in the guidance process by looking up information about required knowledge, skills and wider competences of ICT-professions on a national and international level.

The pilot project focuses on ICT-professions as this is one of the sectors where the required knowledge, skills and competences permanently change, for example due to technical innovations. In such a sector a regularly updated “dynamic” onlinetool is of great advantage and is also a novelty above the internationally existing guidance information tools. Not only it enables to offer to-the-day updated information for guidance counsellors and clients; it also offers an information to ICT-companies about what knowledge, skills and competences their competition requires.

In order to assure the highest possible quality of the Dynamic Onlinetool the project team cooperates with representatives of ICT-companies who actively “feed” the Dynamic Onlinetool with information and expertise including describing the ICT-professions, their possible work fields and the related tasks, adding new requirements for applicants and, most important, evaluating the required knowledge, skills and competences listed for each profession.