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Centrum voor Innovatie van Opleidingen CINOP

CINOP is the national Centre for the Innovation of Education and Training in the Netherlands. It is an expertise centre employing over 200 academic trained professionals in the sectors General and Further Education, Vocational Education and Training, (VET), Education and VET research, ICT and business management training and capacity building. It focuses on learning inside the education structure, learning-on-the-job, as well as a combination of both as provided through the apprenticeship system. Besides the formal system, CINOP gives attention to the value and recognition of qualifications obtained outside the traditional educational context, i.e. accreditation of prior learning (APL).

CINOP offers its services to Regional Training Centres for Vocational and Adult Education, branch organisations and companies, intermediary organisations on the labour market, city councils, Ministries (Education, Economics, and Labour) and national authorities. In CINOP there is a team Career guidance. This team consists of ten consultants, who are specialized in career guidance. They deliver general career guidance advice to schools, develop new models for the accreditation of prior acquired competences and have experience with intercultural guidance. In this project the career guidance specialist work together with CINOP international, that provide on the international market high quality expertise and consultancy services for the public and private sector.

CINOP International activities focuses on Education and Training modernisation and reform, Labour market development and employment measures, ICT and other innovative learning and training tools, Industry and SME development and performance improvement and Project-, Process- and Knowledge management.

CINOP is also with two other organisations. Colo and LDC, the Euroguidance Resource Centre for the Netherlands.